The Best Audio Clips of The Hobbit

hobbit imageThe Hobbit is one of my personal favorite works of fantasy literature, and one of the best read fantasy books of all time, winner of numerous awards and reknowned worldwide. Part of what makes it great is the fact that this is a book that a 4th grader can read, and yet there is enough complexity for adults to indulge in serious literary study of Tolkien’s masterpiece.

That is an uncommon gift, rivaled only by a few other authors, from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to Roald Dahl’s children’s collections.

In this post, I thought I’d take a minute to point out a few of the favorite parts of the book, but first I want to encourage you to…

Get The Audiobook

I’m a big believer in reading works while also listening to audio recordings of them. Listening along helps you to enjoy the book on a deeper level, as many of the characters spring to life right off of the page. It also allows you to concentrate on some of the subtler elements of the plot, and ask yourself questions about the novel you otherwise wouldn’t have!

You can get access to an audiobook download of The Hobbit below.

Watch the clip below to learn more, or listen to The Hobbit audio mp3 free from!

Favorite Clips

Here are a few of my favorite clips from this book.
The first is the opening scene, in which an aged Bilbo looks back on his life, and begins to tell his story to Frodo. This is hugely important, since it places the context of The Hobbit within the broader Lord of the Rings arc, and also shows Bilbo reminiscent about his journey.

The world is not in your books and maps. it’s out there!This scene is often overlooked from the movies’ perspective, since it doesn’t have any exciting action, but when Gandalf goes into his speech on why Bilbo should come along, it sets the stage for the entire book.You’ll have a tale of your own when you come back.Are you sure I will come back?No, but if you do, you will not be the same.


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